rat is a archiving program similar to tar and zip. It is designed to achieve

rat is described in detail in to following paper presented at the refereed paper track of the LISA'99 conference, November 7-12, 1999, Seattle, Washington: rat: A secure archiving program with fast retrieval. The slides for the LISA talk are here.

If you download rat, please send me email. I will start a mailing list if there is sufficient interest. Bug reports are always welcome. The more information they contain, the more welcome they are :-) Also let me know on which systems you have used rat. The current list of know systems are:

The source code for rat is available here.

Update 11/15/1999:
The current version is rat-0.1.1.tar.gz. It fixes memory allocation problems in rat-0.1 that caused a SEGV on some systems. It also fixes a problem with the UID and GID size. (In the UID and GID tables, the size was 64 bits instead of 32 bits as in the files.) This will make rat-0.1 and rat-0.1.1 files incompatible, but hopefully this will not be a problem since nobody has used it yet. (If you have and this causes you trouble, I'll write a conversion utility. Email me.)

By popular demand, the GPL/LGPL under which rat is currently released will be changed to the less restrictive BSD License. I still need to edit the files to reflect this change. If you need the BSD language RIGHT NOW, send me email.

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